Emerson Dameron's Medicated Minutes

This Is How We Do It in Paradise City

February 01, 2023 Emerson Dameron Season 4 Episode 2
Emerson Dameron's Medicated Minutes
This Is How We Do It in Paradise City
Show Notes

Emerson Dameron's Medicated Minutes is LA's #1 avant-garde personal development program.

The show is a production of KCHUNG. The music is by Chris Rogers and Visions of the Universe. Your producer, director, writer, and witty and wounded romantic lead is Emerson Dameron.

The bulk of this episode was recorded live at Permanent Records Roadhouse as part of the first-of-its-kind KCHUNG Live Talk Show Experiment.

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Thanks to Julie Doyle for doing most of the work in organizing the show; Kern Haug for hosting and producing; Curt Glendenin for capturing this recording, thereby saving this performance from being wiped off the ontological chalkboard by a snafu with the soundboard recording; our anonymous guest monologist; and everyone at Permanent Records and KCHUNG - if I already mentioned you, thanks again!

If you have questions for "Ask a Sadist," see if you can solve your own problems before bothering someone else. If you insist, be prepared to ask very, very nicely.

If you've waited for "Los Angeles (Part Two)," this is probably the best you'll get.

When you get what you want, be prepared to freak out, but don't be afraid to shine. Transmute your mojo and channel your mental power like a ray of Southern California sunshine through a magnifying glass on the second full weekend of July.

Levity saves lives.

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