Emerson Dameron's Medicated Minutes

Loved and Lost and Learned Your Lesson

November 01, 2023 Emerson Dameron Season 4 Episode 11
Emerson Dameron's Medicated Minutes
Loved and Lost and Learned Your Lesson
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Science-backed strategies for handling heartbreak. A round of Ask a Sadist. A Bite-Sized Erotic Thriller. What might happen if you were the size of your cat and vice versa?

All this and more in November's episode of Emerson Dameron's Medicated Minutes, LA's #1 avant-garde personal development program, with your witty and wounded romantic hero, Emerson Penn Dameron, III, who does what he can because it's the most he can do.

Emerson Dameron's Medicated Minutes is a production of KCHUNG.

Music by Chris Rogers, Patrizio, Rage Sound, and  Visions of the Universe.

Written, performed, produced, and created by Emerson Dameron, who is solely responsible for its content. Take me to court.

Levity saves lives.

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I’m Breaking Up With You, Again, for the Last Time
Tested Strategies to Mitigate Your Most Horrific Heartbreak
Limerence! Like Love, But Better
When You’ve Loved and Lost, Learn Your Lesson
The Open Question of Catharsis
Triple Trouble Traffickers: Metalhead Maidens on the Move (A Bite-Sized Erotic Thriller)
Ask a Sadist: Is There Anything You Wouldn’t Try?
Here’s What I Think About It (Back to the Void)
Don’t Hold Your Breath for “Closure”
Are You Too Sensitive?
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