Emerson Dameron's Medicated Minutes

Emerson Dameron Sells Out

August 21, 2023 Emerson Dameron
Emerson Dameron's Medicated Minutes
Emerson Dameron Sells Out
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I've released an Emerson Dameron's Medicated Minutes sampler on Bandcamp, with some of my favorite segments from 2020-23 and a couple of unreleased treats.


Get a taste of the show, support me and my art, and Do The Work with LA's number-one avant-garde personal development program. You know you want to.

Here's that link again!

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Thank you! I love you, personally. Even more than before, which I didn't believe was possible. Levity saves lives (at least for now).

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Hey, you. It's Emerson, the witty and wounded romantic hero of Emerson Dameron's Medicated Minutes, LA's number-one avant-garde motivational speaker.

Popping into your feed to let you know that I have released a sampler representing the very best of Emerson Dameron's Medicated Minutes from 2020 through 2023, leaning toward the more recent stuff because the show has been on fire. 

This is a good opportunity to support it. If you want to introduce someone to the show, normally it's a little dicey. Some of the older episodes are borderline unlistenable, but the good stuff is really good. And now a lot of that stuff is in one place: The Emerson Dameron's Medicated Minutes sampler, which is available on the Bandcamp platform. 

It's emersondameron.bandcamp.com, and I will drop a link in the show notes and make it easy for you. 'cause that's what I do. You're the one doing the work, and this is a new way to do the work and develop yourself. You're ready for this. You got it like that. We're cool like that. 

Support the show. Check out the sampler. Priced to move: http://emersondameron.bandcamp.com

If that's not to your taste, you can also support the show by donating to KCHUNG. KCHUNG is a lot of work to run, and it could use your support. So you can do that at kchungradio.org slash donate

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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